Free Guide: Closing the Loop: Integrate Marketing Automation, Lead Management and CRM

Jul 01, 2017Lead Generation System / Lead Management Software / Sales Software Best Practices
Circular thinking for marketers Mostly, people think in straight lines. Some find lateral thinking good for innovation and problem solving. However, for some problems, the best solution is circular thinking. That’s the best way to approach combining Marketing Automation (MA), Lead Management Automation (LMA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.Read More
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Lead Management Update from ClickPoint Software

Feb 18, 2013ClickPoint News
  New notifications help sales and call center agents respond to customers instantly With ClickPoint notifications system you now have the ability to turn your lead management system into a central command unit.  We have built a dynamic notification system that sends push notifications for major events that occur in the lead lifecycle.Read More

Sales Success Is Dependent on Implementing a Lead Management Workflow

Oct 03, 2012Lead Generation System
One of the key aspects of Lead Management Solutions is a customizable workflow process. The question is quite simple; is it easy to setup and understand? Before I answer that question, let me tell you why it’s important. The reason why customizable workflows are so important is that every company has different ways they go about pushing a lead through the funnel. For us at ClickPoint, we start with a new lead and then we go through a set of calls and emails until we get a response. Once we have a response, it’s all about scheduling a demo.Read More