Best Lead Distribution Solution Awarded to ClickPoint Software

Feb 12, 2013ClickPoint News
ClickPoint Software, a division of Steinway & Sons, has garnered recognition from two lead industry organizations. Founded in 2007, ClickPoint Software provides sales and marketing professionals with cutting-edge software to manage and nurture leads, marketing campaigns, and gain analytic insight into their sales processes. In January, CEO Gabriel Buck hauled in a prestigious recognition from the Sales Lead Management Association as one of the top 50 influential leaders in the lead management industry.  Other finalists consisted of consultants, business owners, and C-Level executives from technology companies.Read More

Sales Success Is Dependent on Implementing a Lead Management Workflow

Oct 03, 2012Lead Generation System
One of the key aspects of Lead Management Solutions is a customizable workflow process. The question is quite simple; is it easy to setup and understand? Before I answer that question, let me tell you why it’s important. The reason why customizable workflows are so important is that every company has different ways they go about pushing a lead through the funnel. For us at ClickPoint, we start with a new lead and then we go through a set of calls and emails until we get a response. Once we have a response, it’s all about scheduling a demo.Read More