Lead Nurturing Is All About, Laying the Bricks

Jul 07, 2016Lead Generation System / Lead Management Software / Sales Software Best Practices
Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour, if you build it they will come, you get the idea. Enough with the Clichés. Drip email marketing is a feature that is always ever evolving, brilliantly crafted within our SalesExec lead management software solution. SalesExec lead nurturing enables users of our system to implement an easy-to-use method for marketing to their leads. Lead nurturing is a powerful marketing strategy, if implemented correctly. In comparison to other forms of marketing, where you can experience difficulty in tracking your return on investment (ROI), lead nurturing is straightforward, easy to quantify, and low on risk. A well-structured sales lead nurturing campaign develops a relationship between your business and your lead or prospect. It’s one of the many successful features that benefit the users of SalesExec and this ladies and gentlemen is where we separate ourselves from the pack.Read More

What Contact Time Means to Your Bottomline

Jan 19, 2010Lead Generation System
I am going to make this really simple. The faster you can speak with someone interested in your product or service, the better off you are at closing the business. In some industries this varies. If you’re an electrician, plumber, or hazardous waste removal service you can bet if you don’t talk to a lead quickly they will get someone else that can help them instantly. When we designed our pull based method of lead delivery we thought of these types of fields where it is crucial that the consumer speak with the service provider instantly or very quickly. In most cases we have been able to help our customers reduce the time between a lead applying on their site or being received by a lead source and contact.Read More

Using LeadExec Lead Distribution to Help Grow Your Business

Jul 07, 2009Lead Generation System
Ok, if you haven’t heard my LeadCritic interview, stop reading this and listen to that interview first. Then come back here for the rest of my message. Click Here For Interview Ok you listened to the interview, now what? You want to break into the lead space because you either worked at a company that sold leads or you happen to know a few people that could use some more leads. I am going to be the first one to tell you to slow down.Read More