Best Lead Distribution Solution Awarded to ClickPoint Software

Feb 12, 2013ClickPoint News
ClickPoint Software, a division of Steinway & Sons, has garnered recognition from two lead industry organizations. Founded in 2007, ClickPoint Software provides sales and marketing professionals with cutting-edge software to manage and nurture leads, marketing campaigns, and gain analytic insight into their sales processes. In January, CEO Gabriel Buck hauled in a prestigious recognition from the Sales Lead Management Association as one of the top 50 influential leaders in the lead management industry.  Other finalists consisted of consultants, business owners, and C-Level executives from technology companies.Read More

LeadExec 4.0 Is the Easiest-to-use Lead Management System for Marketers

Jan 04, 2013ClickPoint News
Newest version of LeadExec is now available If you have not scheduled a Beta overview with your dedicated support representative, please do so now. You can run both 4.0 and the current version for the next couple of weeks. LeadExec 4.0 will replace the current version. On January 11th, LeadExec 4.0 will now be offered to the public.Read More

ClickPoint Software Free Lead Management Client Portal

Nov 18, 2011ClickPoint News
SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – November 16, 2011 – ClickPoint Software® today announced the launch of the new Client Portal for all LeadExec Users. This major update provides LeadExec customers with access to a fully featured lead management portal, giving users a completely integrated ecosystem to distribute and manage leads all with the same program. Access to the new Client Portal is completely free to all LeadExec customers, lowering the barrier to entry for Lead Generation companies to work with small lead buyers. The new Client Portal addresses the need for Lead Generation companies to work with smaller buyers of leads in order to mitigate risk and loss. Investing solely in one or two large accounts leaves Lead Generation companies vulnerable to a complete financial collapse should one of their large accounts decide to do business elsewhere. With the aid of the Client Portal, users will be able to grow their business quickly while also reducing risk and provide a valuable tool for their lead-buying customers.Read More

iPad is Entrepreneur Approved!

May 21, 2010ClickPoint News
I have been using a PC for most of my adult life.  I am used to the flow and design of the Windows operating system.  I thought this would never change.  Apple in all of its wisdom knew the best way to get to me was through my phone.  I had a BlackBerry until we upgraded to the newest version of Microsoft Exchange.  BlackBerry made a big mistake in not being compatible with the latest version of Exchange.  It forced me to switch to the iPhone, and I have to say I am glad I did.  I used a couple of Macs back in college and hated them.  That’s when PC was taking over and Macs were just starting to rethink their operating system.Read More