RingResponse Inbound Call Tracking

Sell More and Grow Faster with Inbound Call Tracking

Oct 11, 2018Call Center Software / ClickPoint News / Sales Software Best Practices
According to a recent report by Forrester “Increased access to real-time voice, video, and webconferencing improves the employee experience, boosts employee productivity, and cascades across improving the customer experience.” ClickPoint RingResponse is fully integrated with leading business communication services—Nextiva, Cisco, RingCentral—participated in the research, and does everything from suggesting the next best lead, allocating leads…Read More

Is Your Website Really Built to Maximize Sales Leads?

Dec 06, 2016Lead Generation System
Some company websites are lead generating machines, while others just kind of sit there without doing much of anything. Which kind of lead generation website does your company have? Internet marketing firm Straight North recently published the white paper 10 Ways to Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert on the First Visit to give businesses…Read More

How To Automate Your Social Media So You Can Spend More Time Selling

Apr 20, 2012Lead Generation System
Social media is important for every business, and I hype it a lot on this blog because I know just how effective Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram can be at getting a small brand the recognition and cult like following it deserves if they play the social media game well, they can play the Casinodames games. Social media presence can lead to a lot of sales, but let’s be honest, if you’re a small business you’re probably not wanting to hire a Social Media Manager just to updated all of your accounts. But if you don’t have a Social Media Manager, you probably don’t have enough time yourself to do it.Read More