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Software Update

ClickPoint Releases New Updates to Duplicate Checks

Jan 16, 2020New Features & Updates
Duplicate Check is a set of rules and fields you can add to a checklist to prevent duplicate leads being added to ClickPoint. This can be a very important piece to managing Sales Leads as this will remove any duplicate leads and will remove the possibility of possibly working the same lead multiple times or…Read More
New Feature

ClickPoint Releases New RingResponse Call Tracking Report

Jan 09, 2020New Features & Updates
The team at ClickPoint is happy to announce the new RingResponse User Statistics Report that highlights dialing statistics in the ClickPoint lead management software.  This report includes critical information about both outbound dialing and inbound call routing, with the ability to toggle between the two.  Management can easily track total talk time, abandoned calls, transferred…Read More
Software Update

ClickPoint Releases Mobile Text SMS for ClickPoint Lead Management

Jan 07, 2020New Features & Updates
Recently the ClickPoint Team announced a new Text SMS feature released on 10-23-2019 that is available for immediate use with the ClickPoint lead management solution. Text SMS for Mobile Mobile texting allows customers to utilize the ClickPoint mobile application via iPhone or Android for sending and receiving text messages.  Best of all the feature tracks…Read More