Case Study: Lendilio and LeadExec

Maximizing Lead Sales and Delivery Speed with LeadExec’s Price Optimization
and Shotgun Ping-Post Delivery

Rich Behan
Rich Behan

President & CEO, Lendilio

“Lendilio chose ClickPoint, because they offer top-notch support, reliability, and listen to our feedback. They can make customizations that have helped us stay ahead of the competition.”


The ability to sell leads at an optimized price while ensuring rapid delivery to buyers can make or break a business. This case study examines how Lendilio leveraged LeadExec to solve these challenges, transforming its lead distribution and sales processes.


Suboptimal Lead Pricing and Slow Lead Delivery

The customer faced two distinct challenges:

  1. Suboptimal Lead Pricing: The business faced challenges in determining the optimal pricing for leads, leading to decreased profit margins. Despite various pricing experiments, the company couldn't pinpoint the right balance between cost and value, negatively impacting both revenue and profitability. This suboptimal pricing strategy made it difficult to maximize the potential of the lead sales, hindering overall financial performance.
  2. Inefficient Lead Delivery: Lendilio's reliance on traditional lead distribution systems created a bottleneck in fulfilling the real-time delivery. This sluggishness in the delivery process resulted in lost revenue opportunities. Potential customers were often unengaged or captured by faster, more responsive competitors. The inability to deliver leads at the speed demanded by the market restricted competitiveness and negatively impacted their bottom line.


LeadExec’s Price Optimization and Shotgun Ping-Post Delivery

Price Optimization for Lead Distribution

LeadExec's price optimization feature dynamically routes leads based on current buyer pricing and thresholds. This ensures that Lendilio sells each lead at the most competitive and profitable price. By actively adapting to both buyer preferences and market conditions, this feature maximizes revenue opportunities without sacrificing profitability.

Shotgun ping-post Delivery for Faster Lead Transfer

Shotgun Ping-Post delivery sends lead data to multiple buyers simultaneously, streamlining the delivery speed. By doing this, the system identifies and engages with the buyer willing to pay the highest price in real time. This parallel approach expedites lead acceptance and optimizes revenue by ensuring each lead sells at the most competitive and profitable price.


Optimal Pricing and Rapid Lead Delivery

  1. Maximized Profitability: By implementing optimized lead pricing, Lendilio successfully raised the average selling price of each lead by 25%. This strategic adjustment directly contributed to a significant boost in overall profits, maximizing revenue while maintaining competitive market positioning.
  2. Quick Turnaround: The shotgun ping-post delivery feature cut the average lead delivery and acceptance time by 40%. This efficiency gain speeds up the sales cycle and increases lead conversion, ultimately benefiting both revenue and customer satisfaction.
  3. Higher Buyer Satisfaction: Faster delivery and optimized pricing directly enhance buyer satisfaction, resulting in a 20% increase in repeat purchases. These improvements elevate the customer experience and contribute to long-term loyalty and sustained revenue growth.
  4. Scalable Growth: By incorporating LeadExec into its operations, Lendilio significantly improved its ability to manage a larger volume of leads. This enhancement has been pivotal in establishing a growth model that can easily scale to meet increasing demand.
About Lendilio

About Lendilio

Lendilio Inc. is a performance marketing/customer acquisition company founded in 2006.

Lendilio has grown over the last fourteen years from a one or two-person operation to a team of seven. With backgrounds in marketing, operations, business, education (marketing & admissions), Healthcare, etc., Lendilio is at the forefront of lead generation and sales.