Case Study: Weboganic and LeadExec

Weboganic Scales and Develops Affiliate Lead Generation with LeadExec

Eric Benjamin
Eric Benjamin

President, Weboganic

“Our long-standing collaboration with ClickPoint Software has completely changed how we approach lead generation and management. From my point of view, their systems are incredibly dependable and ‘bulletproof’. Our clients who've used ClickPoint products consistently praise it as the best choice in terms of cost-effectiveness and efficiency, which reinforces our trust in the partnership.”


Weboganic, a digital marketing agency, leveraged LeadExec to enhance its lead gen program. This case study examines how Weboganic used LeadExec to address two key challenges: creating a real-time lead generation network and managing affiliate programs for clients. It details the solutions LeadExec provided and the subsequent benefits to Weboganic's business.


Building a Partner Network and Managing an Affiliate Program

Weboganic faced two primary obstacles:

  1. Partner Network for Lead Generation: The agency required a real-time system to acquire, process, and qualify leads, with the goal of establishing a partner network. They sought a robust solution that could harness various lead generation sources to purchase, process, and qualify leads in real time.
  2. Comprehensive Affiliate Program Management: Weboganic aimed to establish and manage affiliate programs for their clients, allowing them to manage a robust program on their client’s behalf.


An All-in-One Lead Distribution Platform

LeadExec emerged as the best fit to address Weboganic’s challenges. This innovative system provided an all-encompassing back-end framework to process, manage, optimize, and deliver leads in real time. LeadExec bridged the gap between multiple lead vendors, creating a new revenue stream for Weboganic.


Agency Growth and Increased ROI

  1. Scalability and New Revenue: Weboganic's new lead gen offering powered by LeadExec allowed them to scale operations and cultivate a profitable new revenue stream.
  2. Immediate Lead Processing: The system facilitated real-time handling of leads, ensuring prompt actions.
  3. Enhanced Monitoring and Analytics: LeadExec offered a robust dashboard for lead management and reporting.
  4. Quality Control: The system efficiently filtered out unsuitable leads, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  5. Client Accessibility: Clients with limited IT resources found the system easy to use.
  6. Proven Reliability: No lead losses were reported over the 10-year period, confirming the system's robustness.

Unleash the Potential of Your Lead Business

Eric and the Weboganic team used LeadExec to fuel their growth and profitability. Real-time lead distribution, lead quality controls, and proven reliability gave them peace of mind. This allowed them to focus on lead generation and client relationships rather than distribution details.

If your business is growth-focused and ready to evolve, ClickPoint offers a proven and reliable solution. Transform your lead business today with LeadExec.

About Weboganic

About Weboganic

Weboganic is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. The agency primarily serves clients in the Education, Trucking, and Healthcare sectors. Weboganic aims to produce high-quality leads that match their clients' marketing budgets.

Weboganic's core mission revolves around understanding their clients' primary objectives: recruiting new interest in their offerings, be it a prospective student, truck driver, or customer.

The agency's approach is rooted in analytics, consistently delivering the best ROI through tailored solutions.