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Lead Distribution for Today's Digital Marketer
AI-Powered Lead Capture

Where Intelligence Meets Efficiency

Today’s performance marketers need more than basic capture forms for contact information. They require intelligent systems that work around the clock. LeadExec's integrated AI Chatbot does exactly that. It interacts with potential leads 24/7, ensuring you capture quality inbound leads, even when you’re not online.

Where Intelligence Meets Efficiency

Future-Ready Automated Lead Distribution

Automated lead distribution is no longer an option; it’s necessary for any serious digital marketer. Advanced features, including automated lead routing and prioritization, enable your sales team to focus on conversion rather than manual sorting. As you eye future markets, rest assured that LeadExec scales effortlessly with your ambitions.

Future-Ready Automated Lead Distribution
International Capabilities

Unlock Global Opportunities

Why limit your digital marketing strategy to local or regional markets when you can go global?
LeadExec supports multiple languages and currencies, allowing you to grow into new international markets easily.

Unlock Global Opportunities

Efficient Multilingual Lead Handling

Capture leads dynamically with chatbots that can chat in and translate any language. Transfer leads to IVR with AI voice in the native language and live-transfer the call to a local lead buyer.

Automated Currency Conversion

Automated Currency Conversion

Real-time currency conversion automates lead price updates, ensuring fair and transparent transactions. This eliminates manual errors and frees you to focus on core marketing activities, enhancing efficiency and profits.

Real-Time Analytics and Custom Reports

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, real-time data is priceless. LeadExec’s custom reporting equips performance marketers with actionable insights, allowing for data-driven strategies that evolve with market trends. With custom reporting, you can create reports to reveal exactly how your campaigns perform.

  • Lead value by lead source
  • Rejected lead by source
  • Lead orders and open invoices
  • Lead value by lead delivery to buyers
Real-Time Analytics and Custom Reports

Built-in Compliance and Quality Assurance

Staying compliant with regulations is a non-negotiable aspect of digital marketing. LeadExec helps you adhere to regulations, generate TCPA-compliant leads, and adhere to GDPR, minimizing your risk of legal hurdles.

Instantly reject bad or fraudulent leads with missing information, duplicates, wrong phone numbers, or emails.

  • USPS standard phone number & email format validation
  • TCPA validation with geo-location and compliance certificate
  • Lead scoring with mobile number and email check
  • Duplicate checks and quantity constraints
Built-in Compliance and Quality Assurance

Streamlined Invoicing and Customized Lead Ordering


Streamlined Billing for Greater Trust and Efficiency

End-to-end financial management features enhance the speed and reliability of your revenue collection. Streamlined billing optimizes your financial operations and instills greater client trust and satisfaction.


Tailored Billing and Invoicing for Lead Buyers

LeadExec's automated billing and invoicing are tailored to fit lead buyer's requirements. For larger clients with specific invoicing conditions, the platform can automatically generate invoices aligned with their terms. This streamlines revenue collection from such accounts, adapting to their invoicing protocols.


Seamless Stripe Integration for Smoother Client Payments

Stripe integration makes the process hassle-free for smaller clients who typically pay with credit cards. Buyers can input their card details, define their lead order, and pause orders as required. This flexibility is especially useful for selling leads that might not align with larger clients' criteria.

Your Pathway to Future Growth and Success

With advanced features like AI Chat, international capabilities, and flexible lead delivery options, LeadExec is a gateway to future market leadership.

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  • Vendor portal for tracking returns, payouts, and lead data submission
  • Branded customer portal for clients to manage orders, invoices, payments, and returns
  • Authorize.net and Stripe integrations receive payments from invoices and orders.
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