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The Ultimate Lead Management Software for Debt Settlement with DebtPayPro Integration

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Top debt settlement companies rely on SalesExec to help capture, contact, and efficiently convert more debt settlement leads to customers.

Capture and route debt settlement leads from landing pages, lead providers, and inbound phone calls. Distribute inbound leads to the right reps within seconds.


When an applicant is ready to move forward, a status update sends all lead data from SalesExec to DebtPayPro.


When a lead status changes in DebtPayPro, the two-way integration updates the lead in SalesExec. Lead fields are updated as well, creating a seamless and efficient debt settlement process.

Why SalesExec for Debt Settlement?

SalesExec is a complete lead management system.

DebtPayPro Integration
Lead Capture and Distribution

Leads are captured from and prioritized efficiently for your sales reps based on industry best practices.

Power Dialer

Use integrated phone solutions to dial, monitor, record, coach, and improve customer interactions and contact rates.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Email and two-way text messaging to contact potential customers quickly throughout the customer journey.

Lead Attribution

Helps you make educated decisions about which lead sources produce the best results.

Enhance Outbound and Inbound Call Campaigns

Create calling queues automatically in SalesExec based on status updates in DebtPayPro.

Debt Settlement Lead Management Software with Local Presence Dialing

Team members improve contact rates by 40-60% by calling multiple states with local numbers. Use the automated power dialer to prioritize the newest leads and leads that need attention, improving overall team performance.

  • Outbound power dialing with local presence
  • Barge, whisper coaching, and warm transfer
  • Call conferencing to add other attendees to calls
  • Pre-recorded voicemail to improve dial efficiency
  • Dynamic sales scripts that improve onboard time sales win rates
Local Presence Dialing

Omni-Channel Marketing Automation with Real-Time Marketing Event Stream

Ensure your leads receive perfectly timed email and text messages that correspond with outbound dialing campaigns. Salespeople are notified in real-time as prospects reply to emails or texts, click on email links or open email.

  • Two Text SMS that can be sent manually or automatically by nurture campaigns
  • Email marketing that allows you to send email at optimal open times
  • Email integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office
  • Track email opens, replies, and clicks
Omni-Channel Marketing Automation

Connect and Complete Your Debt Settlement Software Sales and Marketing Stack

SalesExec's API allows debt settlement companies to move lead data to solutions like DebtPayPro, and data visualization solutions like Power Bi.

  • SalesExec easily integrates with best-of-breed solutions through Zapier
  • Turn-key integrations with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace for email and appointments
  • Five9 integrations for predictive dialing
Connect and Complete Your Debt Settlement Software Sales and Marketing Stack

Reduction in Lead Cost with automated multi-touch prospect follow up


Average Improvement in salesperson activity with guided selling and lead prioritization


Average increase in contacted leads with text SMS vs. email


Contact rate improvement with local presence outbound dialing solution

Debt Settlement Lead Management Advantages

Lead Prioritization

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize leads and guide salespeople to make the next call, text, email, or schedule the next appointment.

SMS Texting

SMS Texting

Communicate instantly with prospects and leads via a Text SMS. Create text templates with compliance and opt- out features.

Sales Scripts

Sales Scripts

Create dynamic sales scripts to refine your sales process and help your sales team get off the ground fast.

Local Presence Calling

Local Presence Calling

Call more leads with integrated click-to-dial, power dial, and preview dial with local presence for caller ID. Purchase individual area codes and increase contact rates.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Convert more of your leads by automating email, delivered at critical stages of the customer journey. Integrate with solutions you already use, like Gmail and Microsoft Office.

Notifications & Screen Pops

Notifications & Screen Pops

Respond to new leads instantly with a notification and screen pop for phone calls, opened emails, text replies, and upcoming appointments.

Inbound IVR & Call Tracking

Inbound IVR & Call Tracking

Purchase local or toll-free phone numbers to capture and route calls from CPC campaigns, direct mail, billboards, or landing pages.



Real-time interactive sales scoreboards highlight team achievement and keep your team on track.



Manage your leads from anywhere with mobile lead management for both Android and IOS.

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