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Analytics for Marketing Channel, Lead Source, and Campaign Performance to drive marketing decisions in real-time

Eric Benjamin
Eric Benjamin

President & CEO, Weboganic

“SalesExec gave us the real-time ROI metrics we have not been able to get from other solutions. The deep metrics helped us make better decisions about our leads and marketing campaigns which were huge for our growth last year.“

Marketing Channel, Lead Source, and Campaign Performance

Marketing and sales do not operate in silos if they want to create a scalable team. To create better leads and more of them, marketing managers require access to real-time reporting that validates their decisions. Marketing managers must know if a lead source is performing at an optimal CPA or Cost Per Acquisition rate.

Marketing performance

With Lead Manager you can set your campaign budgets, integrate all offline and online marketing source, and watch in real-time as reporting reflects CPA by all channels. Additionally, you can set budgets for CPC campaigns where lead price is unknown.

Campaign budgets

Reporting that Empowers

How great would it be to trust that salespeople are not cherry picking leads or giving up on dials?


With real-time reporting it is easy to ensure salespeople are contacting every lead at the right time with a prospects preferred communication method.


Salespeople increase contact rates and conversions by improving dial efficiency with Local Presence and Voicemail Drops.


As the marketing manager you can focus on the data, not fixing a broken sales process and start make more reliable lead purchasing decisions.

Outbound Dialing and
Inbound IVR

Enable salespeople to move from inbound calls to outbound dials quickly. Increase sales activity by 200% or more.

Be the first to reach every prospect and lead, increasing contact rate by 50% or more, by dialing from local numbers.

Get new salespeople off the ground fast with dynamic sales scripts launched on every inbound call or outbound dial.

Pre-recorded voicemail messages help your salespeople move from lead to lead without wasting valuable time.

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Lead management
Local presence dialing
Sales manager scripts
Voicemail drop

Analyze and Track

Purchase local and 1-800 numbers to be used for online and offline call capture.

Number store

Create inbound call flows and then use intelligent routing like shotgun and overflow queues to ensure every inbound call is answered.

Call flows

Measure call performance for both inbound calls as well as outbound dialing by campaign or marketing channel.

Call performance

SalesExec lead management brochure

ClickPoint Brochure

Sales Engagement with Lead Management, designed to simplify the sales process and improve the number of meaningful conversations between salespeople and potential customers.


RingResponse lead dialing brochure

RingResponse Brochure

Inbound call routing with an outbound call prioritization and dialing solution. Improve both inbound call handling and outbound dialing with text messaging.


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