Case Study

SalesExec drives a 122% lift in qualified lead volume, Lead Contact Time Reduced by 95%, 35% Increase in Sales ROI for Direct Business Lending

Roy Ferman
Roy Ferman

Partner, Direct Business Lending

“Before we engaged ClickPoint and started using their solution we had given up hope that there was a lead management and sales engagement solution that was simple to deploy, yet powerful. ClickPoint had us using the system within a couple of days, something I never expected.”

Direct Business Lending (DBL)


Reduce Contact Time on Leads: Direct Business Lending runs a call center that was utilizing old lead routing rules like pushing leads to sales reps and hoping they followed up and called each lead more than a couple of times. Leads were typically contacted within 35 minutes on average. The lead conversion rate was poor, and there was not a repeatable process in place for sales engagement, lead follow up, dialing cadence, or alternative communication methods to reach more prospects.


SalesExec™. Switch from Push to Pull lead management and utilize automated marketing for leads that were not currently ready to start using their services. Respond to new online lead inquires in 5 minutes or less.


  • Decrease lead response time by 95%
  • Reduce internet lead contact time by 95%
  • 35% lift in sales revenue
Lead management for call centers

About DBL

Direct Business Lending is a small to midsize business consulting firm with a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed. They help their clients with consulting services like access to preparation of funds needed to help small businesses grow, website development, as well as marketing consultation. In the last 2 years they have helped hundreds of businesses reach their goals. In early 2014, Direct Business Lending engaged ClickPoint Software to help them with their lead management solution.

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Key Features

Sales Workflows

Create multiple sales workflows with customized lead status

User Permissions

Multiple user permission levels and account hierarchy

Lead Fields

Add lead fields with field permissions

Import & Exports

Import lead lists, add leads, and export leads

Campaign Tracking

Track Marketing Channel, Campaign, and Lead Source ROI

Lead Source Integration

Integrate third party lead sources

Email Nurture

Automated email nurture with email template designer

Text SMS

Text SMS delivery with compliant messaging solution


Webhooks to update lead data or extract lead data

Push or Pull

Lead routing options include Push and Pull strategies

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize lead assignment based on criteria, first in, state calling hours, teams, and more


Respond to leads instantly via iOS or Android mobile device

Call Distribution

Intelligent Routing: Shotgun, Queues, Criteria, Forwarding, Redirect

User Availability

Salespeople opt to receive calls or set as unavailable

Dynamic Sales Scripts

Interactive sales scripts to help salespeople convert inbound calls

Real-time Notifications

Salespeople receive real-time inbound call notifications

Call Flows

Configure queues, redirect calls, messages, text to speech

Purchase Numbers

Purchase 1-800 or local numbers

Local Presence

Dial leads from local area codes

Voicemail Drops

Pre-recorded voicemails delivered instantly

Lead Disposition

Update leads with status and action

Suggested Leads

Pull leads and allow prioritization


State calling hours and DNC list management

Sales Stats

View real-time team performance

Call Recording

Listen to calls for coaching opportunities

Automated Email

Deliver emails based on lead status and action

Transfer Calls

Team members can pre-screen calls and transfer