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Montrose Travel scales rapidly, doubling sales headcount in less than 60 days with SalesExec™

Daren Autry
Daren Autry

Manager Of Operations
Montrose Travel

“ClickPoint’s technology and their continued support in developing customized workflows that fit our business objectives, helped increase our sales exponentially. As a results we doubled sales headcount in less than 60 days.“

Montrose Travel


Montrose Travel is always on the lookout for ways to expand those travel services that enable them to offer the very best travel products across all lines of business. Montrose operates successful divisions in Corporate Travel, Groups, Meetings, Incentives, Vacation Planning, and Rewards. In order to improve sales performance and lead follow-up, they were looking for a solution that would enable them to scale quickly and ensure they had the best technology to maximize the potential of the influx of business from their online marketing channels.


  • Follow-up and quickly engage potential prospects with dialing and sales engagement solution, email marketing, and text.
  • Automated email response that is triggered based on prospect status
  • Dynamic sales scripts and request a lead feature allows for quick training and onboard for new sales reps.
  • Flexible lead management solution that allows Montrose to change sales workflows, status, and actions as business requirements change.


  • Doubled sales headcount in less than 60 days
  • Improved prospect and lead response times
  • Improved ROI by empowering sales reps with dialing and communication tools
Travel lead management

About Montrose Travel

Montrose Travel is one of America’s top 40 travel management companies, with over 200 employees, over 500 independent contractors and $320 million in gross sales.

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Key Features

Sales Workflows

Create multiple sales workflows with customized lead status

User Permissions

Multiple user permission levels and account hierarchy

Lead Fields

Add lead fields with field permissions

Import & Exports

Import lead lists, add leads, and export leads

Campaign Tracking

Track Marketing Channel, Campaign, and Lead Source ROI

Lead Source Integration

Integrate third party lead sources

Email Nurture

Automated email nurture with email template designer

Text SMS

Text SMS delivery with compliant messaging solution


Webhooks to update lead data or extract lead data

Push or Pull

Lead routing options include Push and Pull strategies

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize lead assignment based on criteria, first in, state calling hours, teams, and more


Respond to leads instantly via iOS or Android mobile device

Call Distribution

Intelligent Routing: Shotgun, Queues, Criteria, Forwarding, Redirect

User Availability

Salespeople opt to receive calls or set as unavailable

Dynamic Sales Scripts

Interactive sales scripts to help salespeople convert inbound calls

Real-time Notifications

Salespeople receive real-time inbound call notifications

Call Flows

Configure queues, redirect calls, messages, text to speech

Purchase Numbers

Purchase 1-800 or local numbers

Local Presence

Dial leads from local area codes

Voicemail Drops

Pre-recorded voicemails delivered instantly

Lead Disposition

Update leads with status and action

Suggested Leads

Pull leads and allow prioritization


State calling hours and DNC list management

Sales Stats

View real-time team performance

Call Recording

Listen to calls for coaching opportunities

Automated Email

Deliver emails based on lead status and action

Transfer Calls

Team members can pre-screen calls and transfer