Automated Lead
Distribution for Marketers

LeadExec is designed to help marketers easily capture and route inbound web leads and phone calls. Perfect for marketers that need one solution for sending leads to field sales teams or call centers with delivery into any software application via post, email, text, or live call transfer.

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LeadExec Dashboard

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LeadExec Integrations

Instant Lead Capture. From Internet Leads, Phone Calls, Forms, Landing Pages and Lead Sources

  • Capture leads, add, and import internet leads instantly
  • Manage and set up new lead sources quickly
  • Capture and distribute internet leads into any CRM solution
  • Create live call transfers from dialing software
Lead Filter

Certify Consumer Intent. LeadExec Removes Up to 27% of Fraudulent Leads

  • Dynamic consent text verification system for TCPA compliance
  • IP address verification with mapping
  • Consumer analytic information like URL, time on site, and operating system
  • Reverse phone and mobile phone detection
  • Address appending and lookup
LeadExec ROI

LeadExec delivered nearly 10 million internet leads and phone calls in 2014

  • Lead Distribution for phone calls and internet leads
  • Deliver leads into any CRM solution or lead management solution
  • Distribute leads via: round robin, weighted, percentage lead distribution
  • Lead distribution via: zip, postal, area code, and more…
Lead Types

Protect Existing Investment. Integrate With Any CRM or Lead Management Solution

  • Pre-built lead types and integrations into hundreds of lead buyers and sellers
  • Custom, real-time, and exportable reporting
  • Instant posting instructions for any lead vertical and integrations into major CRM solutions
LeadExec Reporting

Instant Reporting. Real-Time Views on Captured and Routed Internet Leads and Phone Calls

  • Real-time lead performance reports by campaign, website, or lead source
  • Custom lead performance, lead profitability, lead analytic data, and sales performance reporting
  • Reporting instantly accessible via iPad