LeadExec Lead Distribution

Deliver Leads Instantly. Smart, Agile and Flexible Lead Distribution

With LeadExec it has never been easier to set up lead distribution with your sales teams, lead buyers, call centers, and franchisees.

Lead Delivery System
“Automates the entire ping/post process. Easily adds lead types, sources and clients. Has very advanced features that need a walkthrough. Customer service is awesome, though. Strongly recommend this service above others for feature set, support and pricing.” David Q, Cofounder at Enginefish

Automated Lead Distribution. Instantly Send Leads to any CRM tool via Email, SMS or Phone

With LeadExec you have an unlimited set of lead delivery rules you can use to automate the delivery of your leads. LeadExec uses a combination of lead delivery method or type, lead delivery automation, and lead delivery criteria.

Lead Delivery Methods:

  • HTTP Post, GET, XML lead delivery sends leads automatically to any other CRM or software solution
  • Ping and Post lead distribution allows you to deliver leads in verticals like automotive insurance and payday
  • Phone Routing with geo location delivers calls to sales teams and buyers in real-time
  • Email lead delivery with an .xls attachment, with a link to a lead management system, and with lead details in the email

Order Based Lead Delivery System

  • Deliver leads based upon the size of an order or the amount of money deposited to your account

Automated Lead Delivery Rules

  • Price based automated lead delivery based on the price of the lead
  • Priority based lead delivery to certain clients
  • Weighted Lead Delivery sends leads to clients or branch offices based on weight of their order over time
  • Percentage Lead Delivery assigns a percentage of leads to be delivered

Criteria Lead Delivery

  • Zip code lead delivery and radius around zip codes
  • Area code and postal code
  • Loan types, debt amounts, cash available etc.
“LeadExec is a must have for any size lead generation firm. LeadExec is a platform that has allowed me to scale my business to a level I never thought possible.” Kevin Benner, Owner - EZ Rate Quotes

Supports Your Brand. A Professional Look for Your Agents and Franchisees

With LeadExec you can provide your sales teams, lead buyers, and sales agents a branded web-based lead management solution for retrieving their leads.

  • Lead Manager
  • Manage Returns
  • Mapping Tool
  • E-mail Leads
  • Print Leads
  • Order Additional Leads
  • Place Their Order on Pause
  • Change Lead Status
“We have used the branded lead management solution for our contractors and it has really made it easier for them to work their leads. Having it branded means alot to us and the success of our program.” Monica Brogan – Manager, Sales Support and Lead Management at CertainTeed

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