LeadExec CRM and Lead Management Integrations

No Technical Barriers. Our Services Fully Integrate ClickPoint with Existing CRM or MA

LeadExec, fully integrated into your CRM, Marketing Automation (MA) or Lead Management Solution, will provide instant reporting to help you determine which marketing campaigns are working.

ClickPoint breaks down technical barriers to reduce the lead to contact ratios and improve sales performance.

ROI for Enterprise Teams. ClickPoint Maximizes Your Ability to Obtain Value from Our Solution

LeadExec Public API

Gain access to your data from LeadExec through our API. Our team will write custom documents to help you get the data you need.

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LeadExec Application Site

With minimal effort, you can add a trusted registration system that is familiar to users. LeadExec Sign-In lets users quickly and securely give access to their account from within your application.

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LeadExec Integration Site

The integration sites give step by step instructions on getting data into LeadExec.

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LeadExec TCPA Integration Site

LeadExec’s dynamic consent solution allows you to control and validate what consent text is displayed on a landing page, website, or form. These requests are logged within LeadExec to provide the tools to verify consent to be contacted with regard to the TCPA laws.

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Easily Import Leads. Bulk Upload Large Datasets

With the LeadExec lead import system, you can import as many as 60,000 leads at one time. We give you the ability to get leads into LeadExec via import, HTTP post, XML post, Live Call Form, and 800 IVR Routing.

Integration on Demand. Documents to Help You Integrate Quickly

Setting up posting instructions for third party lead sources used to take a lot of work. With LeadExec it can be done with a click of a button. You can export posting documents to Excel and send them right out to your marketing partners.

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