Make the Right Decisions Quickly. Lead and Sales Performance Analytics at Your Fingertips with Custom and Real-Time Reports

LeadExec gives you the ability to create custom reports, build pivot reports and lead ROI charts, improve lead contact time, lead profitability, and more. ClickPoint’s technical implementation team will work with you to create custom reports that give you the data you need to analyze your lead sources, your lead volume, and your lead quality.

Analyze marketing and lead performance

Get instant analysis of accepted, rejected, returned, and sold leads

Instantly analyze your lead source profitability

These reports will allow you to instantly verify ROI from your marketing activities

Create custom reports with our report designer

Reports that can be easily exported and delivered instantly to team members, lead sources, or agencies

Real-time troubleshooting and delivery reports

Reports that help you understand where your leads are going and helps verify if they were delivered successfully into another CRM or software solution

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