Outbound Dialing Software for Call Centers & Sales Teams

Your salespeople will surpass their quota by contacting 40−60% more prospects while making 300+ phone calls a day with outbound dialing, local presence, pre-recorded voicemails, sales scripts, and transfer capabilities.

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Jeff Walter
Jeff Walter

Call Center Director, Terminix

“ClickPoint reduced response time on leads from 30 minutes to less than 5, helping to close more deals, increasing productivity by 66%!“
Pull Lead Prioritization

Easily Make 300+ Outbound Calls a Day

Start a dialing campaign with the click of a button, or have your salespeople request leads as they’re available.

ClickPoint Lead Management is smart enough to serve the best leads to your sales team based on your parameters.

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Local Presence Dialer

Reach More Prospects With a Local Number

Reach 40-60% more of your leads with Local Presence available by state, area code, or the entire country.

When your salespeople dial into other states or area codes, they will always have a local number that matches the prospects area code they are calling.

How to close more leads

Ensure Every Lead is Contacted More than Once

Did you know most sales teams only reach leads 1-3 times, giving up before 7th contact attempt, where 80% of sales occur?

Pull Lead Prioritization serves up the next best lead for each salesperson, without them having to think about it, or allowing them to cherry pick their leads.

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Voicemail Drops for Sales Teams

Voicemails With a Single Click

Salespeople can leave a pre-recorded voicemail, then quickly move to their next opportunity. No more wasted time leaving tedious voicemails.

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Lead Transfer

Transfer Calls to Other Salespeople or Teams

When your salespeople connect with a prospect, they can easily transfer to other salespeople, or into other call flows or teams.

+30% Reduction in Lead Cost with automated multi-touch prospect follow up
+66% Average Improvement in salesperson activity with guided selling and lead prioritization
+80% Average increase in contacted leads with text sms vs. email
+60% Contact rate improvement with local presence outbound dialing solution

Outbound Dialing Software Advantages

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize leads and guide salespeople to make the next call, text, email, or schedule the next appointment.

Local Presence

Call more leads with integrated click-to-dial, power dial, and preview dial with local presence. Purchase individual area codes and increase contact rates.

Sales Scripts

Create dynamic sales scripts to help your sales team get off the ground fast without a ton of training.

Notifications & Screen Pops

Respond to new leads instantly with a notification and screen pop for phone calls, opened emails, text replies, and upcoming appointments.

Pre-Recorded Voicemails

Salespeople can create pre-recorded voicemails that they can leave with the click of a button, saving time between calls, while improving dial efficiency.

Call Transfer

Salespeople can directly transfer calls to other salespeople or teams and other queues with the click of a button.