SalesExec Business Intelligence

Identify and Reward Your Best Sales Performers

SalesExec offers intuitive and powerful reports that will help your management team make quick decisions.

Create a Winning Team Culture with Scoreboards

Reward the team and showcase achievements in real-time with interactive scoreboards. Collaborative reporting dashboards help quickly identify top performers and marketing sources.

Customized reporting

Allowing each manager to create and share their own unique dashboard will give your management team an edge

KPI Call Reports. See Who’s Fast, See Who’s Effective, See Who’s Both

Find out what your close percentage is by team member, how many dials they made, and what % of their leads were contacted in a given time frame. You have the intelligence to make quick decisions about your sales team

Distribution Report. Real-Time as it Happens Not After the Fact

This report shows you the total for all leads by source and the current status of each. You can see total distributed leads, opened, contacted and closed leads, as well as cost per closed deal

Lead Status Master Summary. Lead Cost Reporting at a Glance

This report is a master summary that displays all of your sales agents and their performance with the leads they are working. You will be able to customize this report based on your specific statuses

Agent Activity Report

This report shows activity by sales agent or branch. This will allow you to see which agents are responding the fastest to the leads they are provided, and whether or not they are really calling leads the optimal amount of times

ClickPoint reduced our response time on new leads from over a half an hour to under 5 minutes, which helped us close more deals! Their solution also helped us increase our associate level productivity (DPH) by 66%, which dramatically lowered our labor cost per lead!Jeff Walter – Terminix

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