SalesExec Route Leads

Distribute the Best Leads to Your Top Producers Fast

Responding to your customers in under a minute has proven to increase the chances of making a sale by as much as 300%. We will ensure your team is responding to every call and internet lead within seconds and following up.

Prioritize Every Lead

Ensure your leads are followed up with in seconds. With our efficient dashboard your salespeople can call, email, and follow up with their prioritized leads quickly.

Use a Proven Sales Process

Utilizing Industry best practices ensures every lead is called the optimal amount of times. With our visual workflow your team can ensure they keep moving their deals through the process to a win!

Reward Your Best People

Setup advanced lead delivery rules like state callable hours, lead recycling, and skilling which ensure your leads get to best sales agents.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions for outside sales teams ensures leads are called even if your team is on the road.
Get direction, notifications, appointments, and reports via iPad or iPhone.

Push or Pull. You Decide What Works Best for Your Company

This chart illustrates a client using push based lead management that switched to pull based lead management.

  • On 1-27-2014 leads went from 10% called within 15 minutes to 60%.
  • This type of change equated to an improvement of 24% more closed deals.
ServiceMaster chose SalesExec lead management solution for TruGreen branches, nationwide, because it has consistently delivered when we need it. We have used SalesExec for years. The results have helped us make our decision to expand to our branch locations. Barbara McGovern – Digital Marketing, ServiceMaster

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