LeadExec Lead Certification and Scoring

TCPA Compliant. Lead Certification Provides Higher Quality Leads

ClickPoint Software has developed a patent pending process to help both lead buyers and lead sellers follow new TCPA guidelines that went into effect on October 16th, 2013.

Proof You Obtained Consent. Store a Lead Certificate to Show You Follow the Rules

  • A TCPA checklist that will enable you to qualify leads and ensure your lead source is following your guidelines
  • Analytic information about a consumer such as time on site, pages visited, and referring keyword will provide another level of lead qualification
  • Patent pending consumer consent solution that serves your desired consent text on third party and internal web forms
  • Unique certification ID for each submission along with the consent approval
  • Real-time phone verification that allows you to see if a submitted land-line phone number is really a mobile phone number
  • IP address verification to be used as unique consumer lead qualification
  • Store copies of the landing page, analytic information, and the consent used to verify third party forms for up to 5 years
  • Print consumer consent information in the event it’s needed to show proof of lead qualification

Identify Stronger Leads. Understand Lead Value with Scoring & Grading

Deliver website lead inquiries or inbound phone calls in real-time to any call center, lead buyer, or sales team.

Enhanced and Higher Quality. Additional Lead Scoring and Lead Grading Features

“We knew that the TCPA solution provided by ClickPoint was the best, because it provided a certificate, analytics, and they offered to help us with any of the configuration.” Eric Benjamin – CEO and Founder of Weboganic

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